Arable Software Subscription (xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER Pilot Renewal)

Arable Software Subscription (xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER Pilot Renewal)

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Keep your weather station! Over 80% of our trial participants suggested that they would like to continue using the Arable Mark 1 — and we'd like to say thank you by offering you an extra season of use, absolutely free of charge.

Claim your offer by signing up today. By claiming this offer, you are agreeing to share the data collected by your Arable Mark with xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions for display and use in xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER and its agronomic risk models.

xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions

We are excited to partner with xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions by BASF to bring you even more hyperlocal insights and alerts. Arable data can now be seamlessly integrated into xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER and its agronomic risk models absolutely free of charge until April 2021. Read more about the partnership here.

Subscription Terms

The Mark 1 is powered by an annual software subscription. The subscription provides access to Arable’s mobile application, web browser, and API, and covers device connectivity, firmware updates, and standard customer support. 

The subscription is included, free of charge, for xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER users until April 2021 ($250/year thereafter). The subscription is paid annually, in advance.


The Arable Mark 1 should be mounted approximately 1 meter above maximum crop height. For easiest installation, we recommend using an Arable Telescoping Pole with Arable Ground Anchor, though you are welcome to use your own.

Telescoping Pole

The Arable Telescoping Pole is a mounting post for the Arable Mark. It is a sectioned and extendable aluminum pole, powder-coated in a bright orange for high visibility in the field.

Ground Anchor

Steel ground screw for easy positioning, removal and reinsertion of any mounting post. No drills necessary for installation.

Arable Bridge

Bridge for integrating auxiliary sensors into the Arable platform. Compatible with Sentek Drill & Drop soil moisture probes, GEMS PN 258325 pressure switch, and Davis 6410/7911 anemometer

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