Arable Mark 2 (Trade-in Offer)
Arable Mark 2 (Trade-in Offer)
Arable Mark 2 (Trade-in Offer)
Arable Mark 2 (Trade-in Offer)
Arable Mark 2 (Trade-in Offer)
Arable Mark 2 (Trade-in Offer)

Arable Mark 2 (Trade-in Offer)

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The Mark 2 collects weather and crop data that can be used to make daily decisions around irrigation, spray applications, disease and pest management, and more. 

Solar-powered, installed in minutes, and absolutely maintenance-free. Start your 90-day risk-free trial today!

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Technical Details

Get important weather and crop insights directly from your fields (like precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, growing degree days, leaf wetness, crop evapotranspiration, crop water demand, NDVI, and more). 

The Mark 2 features a robust sensor suite, rugged durability, and cutting-edge global cellular connectivity. Arable's machine-learning models, supported by a global network of 30 calibration-validation sites that cover 12 climatic zones, ensure accurate, reliable data. 

SKU 880-0001
Input Power Integrated Solar Module
Communications LTE-M
Included in Box
Arable Mark 2
12V AC/DC Adapter
Bird Spikes
QuickStart Guide
Telescoping Pole
Ground Anchor
Arable Bridge
95mm diameter
35mm height (body)
195mm height (with antenna)
Package Dimensions 25.4 x 25.4 x 10.7 cm
Package Weight 1.7 kg / 3.71 lbs

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Subscription Terms

The Mark 2 is powered by an annual software subscription. The subscription provides access to Arable’s mobile application, web browser, and API, and covers device connectivity, firmware updates, and standard customer support. This trade-in offer includes a one-year software subscription as well! 


The Arable Mark 2 should be mounted approximately 1 meter above maximum crop height. For easiest installation, we recommend using an Arable Telescoping Pole with Arable Ground Anchor, though you are welcome to use your own.

Telescoping Pole
The Arable Telescoping Pole is a mounting post for the Arable Mark 2. The Short Pole is intended for crops with a maximum height of 1.5 meters. The Tall Pole is intended for crops between 1.5 and 4.5 meters. 
Ground Anchor
Steel ground screw for easy positioning, removal and reinsertion of any mounting post. No drills necessary for installation.
Arable Bridge
Bridge for integrating auxiliary sensors into the Arable platform. Compatible with Sentek Drill & Drop soil moisture probes, GEMS PN 258325 pressure switch, and Davis 6410/7911 anemometer.

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